Friday Briefing: What next for Woodford investors?
Investment Week, 18.12.23

Woodford investors urged to join lawsuit against Hargreaves Lansdown
Investment Week, 15.12.23

Majority of failed Woodford investors vote for compensation scheme
YourMoney.com, 15.12.23

Woodford victims back £230m compensation deal
Daily Business, 15.12.23

Lawyers vow to fight on after Woodford investors back redress scheme
Financial News, 15.12.23

Woodford redress scheme approved by investors
FT Ignites, 15.12.23

Woodford victims accept £230m compensation package
The Times, 15.12.23

Woodford investors overwhelmingly approve Link compensation scheme
City Wire, 14.12.23

Woodford investors overwhelmingly approve redress scheme
Reuters, 14.12.23

Woodford investors approve FCA-backed redress scheme
Financial Times, 14.12.23

Woodford investors label FCA-backed redress scheme grossly unfair
Reuters, 13.12.23

Remaining Woodford fund assets shrink 40% since last distribution
Professional Adviser, 07.12.23

Link plunges to $418m loss on British woes
Australian Financial Review, 03.08.23

Link Fund Solutions appoints PwC to advise on £235m Woodford redress scheme
Portfolio Adviser, 28.07.23

PwC appointed to oversee Woodford compensation scheme
FT Adviser, 28.07.23

Woodford saga close to entering the ‘home straight’
YourMoney.com, 28.07.23

No mention of Odey or Woodford in FCA annual report
Investment Week, 21.07.23

Can the UK financial regulator really end rip-offs?
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HL says no decision yet on ‘under fire’ chair
Financial Planning Today, 18.07.23

Hargreaves Lansdown chair Deanna Oppenheimer reportedly stepping down, after turbulence at DIY investing giant
This is Money, 17.07.23

Investor group criticises FCA over Woodford redress deal
FT Adviser, 20.06.23

Four years on from the suspension of Woodford Equity Income, run by Neil Woodford… investors are still in limbo
This is Money, 27.05.23

Woodford investors miss out in regulatory tangle
Financial Times, 05.05.23

Woodford investors target Hargreaves Lansdown for some payback
The Sunday Times, 30.04.23

Woodford saga set to continue despite redress plan for investors
FT Adviser, 26.04.23

Place your bets – Week of Woodford
Investment Week, 24.04.23

Taking Woodford payout ‘will mean you cannot sue’
The Sunday Times, 23.04.23

The Neil Woodford saga is still far from over for all involved
Professional Adviser, 21.04.23

Woodford compensation payout still ‘uncertain’
Financial Times, 21.04.23

Woodford legal claims raise concerns over potential Link Fund Solutions redress
Investment Week, 21.04.23

Woodford Equity Income Fund investors to share £235m compensation
The Times, 21.04.23

Woodford victims finally set for £235m payday nearly four years after collapse of flagship fund face a long wait to get hold of their cash
This is Money, 20.04.23

The Woodford saga is far from over
Investment Week, 20.04.23

300,000 Neil Woodford victims in line for £235m compensation payout
The Telegraph, 20.04.23

Woodford investors should not have been forced to wait four years for fund justice… and still be waiting for the report into the collapse
This is Money, 20.04.23

FCA: Woodford fund investors in line for compensation
Money Week, 20.04.23

Failed Woodford investors set for £235m compensation…but there are hurdles to overcome
Your Money, 20.04.23

Woodford fund compensation for investors likely to total 77p in the pound
The Guardian, 20.04.23

Neil Woodford investors to receive £235mn settlement
Investors’ Chronicle, 20.04.23

Fresh setback for Woodford savers as sale of Link to Irish rival Waystone is delayed
This is Money, 30.03.23

Link Group’s UK troubles piling up after third class action
Australian Financial Review, 19.01.23


Hundreds more pin hopes on Neil Woodford claim: Litigation specialist RGL says more than 500 investors have emerged in recent days to join
This Is Money, 22.10.22

Link Fund Solutions up for sale amid FCA investigation over Woodford failings
Investment Week, 21.10.22

Australian parent firm looks to divest from Link Fund Solutions
Money Marketing, 21.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown rode a wave of cheap money that is now crashing
The Telegraph, 18.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown posts rise in revenue despite drop in clients
FT Adviser 18.10.22

Thousands more claimants join Woodford fund action
The Law Society Gazette, 18.10.22

NAB’s class action nemesis targets Link Group
Australian Financial Review, 18.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown faces lawsuit after promoting failed Woodford fund
Proactive Investors, 17.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown boss Chris Hill retires before he can deliver his growth plan, as DIY investing giant faces Woodford lawsuit
This Is Money, 17.10.22

CORRECT: Hargreaves Lansdown CEO to step down after six years
Morning Star, 17.10.22

Woodford investors take aim at Hargreaves Lansdown
Portfolio Adviser, 17.10.22

Rival firm files group action claim on behalf of trapped Woodford investors
YourMoney.com, 17.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown Faces £100 Million Lawsuit From Neil Woodford Fund Investors
Bloomberg, 17.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown facing lawsuit over Neil Woodford fund collapse
Business Live, 17.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown hit by lawsuit over role in Woodford scandal
Investment Week, 17.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown hit by Woodford lawsuit as CEO resigns
FT Adviser, 17.10.22

Investment platform Hargreaves Lansdown with link to failed Woodford equity fund hit with massive lawsuit
Independent.ie, 17.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown boss quits after firm hit with multi-million pound Woodford lawsuit
The Telegraph, 17.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown targeted in £100m Woodford claim
Money Marketing, 17.10.22

UK’s Hargreaves hit by lawsuit over Woodford fund failure
Reuters, 17.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown hit by lawsuit over Neil Woodford’s fund collapse
Financial Times, 16.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown hit by lawsuit on behalf of Woodford fund investors
The Guardian, 16.10.22

UK’s Hargreaves hit by lawsuit over Woodford fund failure
Yahoo!Finance, 16.10.22

Hargreaves Lansdown set for High Court over £3.8bn Woodford funds meltdown: Dramatic breakthrough brings hope for thousands of victims
This Is Money, 15.10.22


Financial insouciance – The rise and implosion of Neil Woodford’s empire
Times Literary Supplement, 30.04.21

Acacia looks to install its own directors in board shake-up of former Woodford biotech holding
Portfolio Adviser, 26.04.21

More patience required: Woodford investors saw disgraced stock picker’s former flagship investment trust crash another 29% last year
This Is Money, 26.04.21

When will Woodford investors see a payout? Government not inclined to compensate them for the losses they have suffered
This Is Money, 24.04.21

Neil Woodford touts for institutional investors with details of eight-stock biotech portfolio
Portfolio Adviser, 23.04.21

Woodford and right-hand man scooped up £1.5m payout months before fund implosion
Portfolio Adviser, 19.04.21

Woodford under fire over £1.5m dividend payment
Your Money, 19.04.21

Neil Woodford and business partner Craig Newman shared a £1.5m payout just months before their investment fund empire imploded
This Is Money, 18.04.21

Woodford and partner took £1.5m dividend before fund suspension
The Telegraph, 18.04.21

RGL launches legal action against Hargreaves Lansdown and Link on behalf of Woodford investors
Dentistry, 16.04.21

The FCA is stuck in lockdown over the Woodford saga
This Is Money, 10.04.21

Woodford Equity Income warnings classed as ‘not important’ by Hargreaves Lansdown
The Times, 04.04.21

Woodford savers in new worry over ‘curious’ deal to invest their money into little-known US firm
This Is Money, 01.04.21

Link unaware of Woodford’s role as adviser to Acacia
The Times, 01.04.21

Hargreaves and Woodford: What are the industry repercussions?
FT Adviser, 31.03.21

Link addresses reports Woodford advised Acacia on £224m biotech sale
Portfolio Adviser, 31.03.21

Link adds to unlisted investment in former Woodford fund
Investment Week, 31.03.21

Link ‘learnt about Woodford-Acacia relationship in press’
FT Adviser, 31.03.21

The legal options for trapped Woodford investors
Investors’ Chronicle, 30.03.21

Woodford investors to miss out on bumper profits from Oxford Nanopore listing
The Telegraph, 30.03.21

Built on a Lie — Neil Woodford’s fall from star stockpicker
Financial Times, 30.03.21

FCA and BoE review liquidity rules for open-ended funds – Changes follow Woodford collapse
Investment Week, 29.03.21

Woodford lawsuit unearths Hargreaves’ concerns over high-risk holdings
Money Marketing, 28.03.21

Investors in Woodford’s Failed Fund Denied Crucial Info: Times
Bloomberg, 28.03.21

Neil Woodford scandal: what fund bosses knew but never told us
The Times, 28.03.21

Woodford Investors Launch Legal Action to Recover Losses
Litigation Finance Journal, 23.03.21

Hargreaves Lansdown faces legal action over Woodford fund
Investment Trust Insider, 22.03.21

Hargreaves Lansdown faces legal action over Woodford fund
Investment Week, 22.03.21

Investors sue Hargreaves Lansdown over losses linked to Neil Woodford collapse
City A.M., 22.03.21

Hargreaves Lansdown faces legal action over Woodford
CityWire, 22.03.21

Litigation specialist formally launches case against Hargreaves over Woodford collapse
Portfolio Adviser, 22.03.21

Hargreaves faces first legal action over Woodford debacle
FT Adviser, 22.03.21

Hargreaves Lansdown to face more legal action over Woodford
Your Money, 22.03.21

Hargreaves Lansdown said to be facing legal action over Woodford collapse
London South East, 22.03.21

Hargreaves drawn into Woodford legal action
Investors’ Chronicle, 22.03.21

Hargreaves Lansdown shares could slip after a new class action case was announced
Evening Standard, 22.03.21

Investors Put £100M Price Tag On Hargreaves Lawsuit
Law 360, 22.03.21

Hargreaves drawn into Woodford legal battle as fresh claim launched
Money Marketing, 21.03.21

Hargreaves Lansdown could face massive payouts as legal action is launched over Neil Woodford funds debacle
This Is Money, 20.03.21

Neil Woodford: the continuing fallout of a scandal
Financial Times, 19.03.21

Carney warns of risky Neil Woodford-style funds ‘built on lie’ that could pose a threat to the global economy
This is Money, 18.03.21

Is Hargreaves Lansdown the best platform?
Investors’ Chronicle, 16.03.21

76% of Woodford investors say they bought via Hargreaves
Money Marketing, 10.03.21

Thou shall not pass: Who governs the gatekeepers?
Investment Week, 09.03.21

Further Reading: What can we learn from the Woodford scandal?
Investors’ Chronicle, 08.03.21

Jersey regulator criticises Neil Woodford’s comeback
City AM, 08.03.21

Jersey’s ‘not a soft touch’, Woodford warned: Disgraced fund manager told he can’t use island to dodge regulators as he seeks to rebuild his career
This is Money, 08.03.21

Jersey regulator hits out at Woodford plans
FT Adviser, 08.03.21

Woodford comeback ‘on the rocks’ after Jersey regulator refuses to be ‘back door’ for relaunch
Portfolio Adviser, 08.03.21

‘Kick in the teeth’ for Woodford investors as fund loses 12pc
The Telegraph, 02.03.21

It’s time for some humility from Hargreaves Lansdown
The Evidence-Based Investor, 02.03.21

Pressure grows on City watchdog as Woodford yet to be interviewed
The Telegraph, 01.03.21

FCA ‘did not act’ on Woodford concerns
FT Adviser, 01.03.21

‘I just cannot contemplate him coming back’: City superwoman Helena Morrissey slams Woodford’s return
This is Money, 24.02.21

Woodford’s comeback plans test the patience of regulators, MPs and investors
Proactive Investors, 20.02.21

How CAN this clown return as a fund boss? JEFF PRESTRIDGE on Neil Woodford’s comeback
This is Money, 20.02.21

How savers who lost money on Woodford rebuilt their lives
The Times, 19.02.21

The biotech bosses welcoming Neil Woodford back, even if FCA and savers stay wary
City AM, 18.02.21

Hargreaves looks set to dodge a bullet as litigators home in on Link over Woodford collapse
Portfolio Adviser, 18.02.21

Neil Woodford needs permission to set up new firm, says FCA
The Guardian, 17.02.21

Woodford’s comeback and its consequences
Investors’ Chronicle, 17.02.21

FCA issues stern warning to Neil Woodford over shock comeback
City AM, 17.02.21

Woodford under fire over new role: Disgraced money man is now advising the US fund that bought his assets at knockdown prices
This is Money, 17.02.21

Investigate ‘toothless’ FCA over Woodford failures: Campaigners turn on watchdog as fallen fund star plots his comeback
This is Money, 16.02.21

VICTORIA BISCHOFF: If the investment industry wants to rebuild trust… Neil Woodford must be forced to stay away
This is Money, 16.02.21

Neil Woodford relaunch plans spark call for inquiry
BBC News, 16.02.21

Gina Miller doubles down on calls for Treasury probe into Woodford scandal
Portfolio Adviser, 16.02.21

ALEX BRUMMER: The lack of an official report into the Woodford scandal heaps shame on the FCA
This is Money, 15.02.21

Neil Woodford’s shock comeback raises eyebrows in the City
City AM, 15.02.21

Investment manager Neil Woodford to set up new firm
The Guardian, 14.02.21

Woodford was an accident waiting to happen – watchdogs failed to take action
The Telegraph, 13.02.21

Exclusive – Neil Woodford to launch comeback firm as he says: ‘I’m sorry for what I did’
The Telegraph, 13.02.21

Hargreaves funds recoup a further £65m from Woodford payments in 2020
Portfolio Adviser, 26.01.21

Hargreaves trims charges on £7bn funds as Woodford casts shadow
The Telegraph, 26.01.21

Hargreaves multi-manager funds stung by lingering Woodford exposure in second value assessment
Portfolio Adviser, 25.01.21

Woodford exposure haunts Hargreaves Lansdown funds
FT Adviser, 25.01.21

Neil Woodford’s backers lose out on Kymab windfall
The Times, 13.01.21

Trapped Woodford investors miss out on £28m biotech payday
The Telegraph, 12.01.21


Neil Woodford stock slashed 70% hitting fund and trust investors
Portfolio Adviser, 21.12.20

Woodford’s waterproofing tech unit sold for only £30m
The Telegraph, 19.12.20

Neil Woodford investors to receive fourth payment
Interactive Investor, 04.12.20

Woodford investors to see £100m payout before end of year
The Telegraph, 01.12.20

Woodford investors to receive £100m next month
FT Adviser, 30.11.20

Link loses £5bn in assets as Premier Miton brings all ACD activities in house
Portfolio Adviser, 19.11.20

Tycoon Peter Hargreaves appoints representative on Hargreaves Lansdown board as billionaire founder eases back on his workload
Evening Standard, 20.10.20

Hargreaves Lansdown founder Peter Hargreaves gets voice on board five years after retiring
This Is Money, 20.10.20

Takeover bid for Link adds more uncertainty for Woodford investors
Portfolio Adviser, 12.10.20

‘Mind boggling’ Woodford wind-up fees show system needs overhauling
Portfolio Adviser, 06.10.20

Woodford investors face year-long wait for remaining funds
Pensions Expert, 02.10.20

Hargreaves clients suffer £400m hit from Woodford as execs enjoy bonuses
Portfolio Adviser, 01.10.20

Neil Woodford investment fund savers hit with £15.5m fees
The Times, 01.10.20

Former Woodford healthcare stock grateful to finally land new owner
Portfolio Adviser, 29.09.20

460-day wait for Woodford accounts
The Sunday Times, 27.09.20

Trapped Woodford investors snubbed by watchdog: FCA grilled over drawn-out probe into fund boss’s collapse
This Is Money, 24.09.20

FCA post-Woodford ACD probe faces yet another delay
Wealth Manager, 22.09.20

Hargreaves bosses pocket £2.2m: Fury as fund chiefs cash in while investors are STILL waiting for their Woodford cash
This Is Money, 22.09.20

Hargreaves bosses pocket £2.2m: Fury as fund chiefs cash in while investors are STILL waiting for their Woodford cash
This Is Money, 22.09.20

Hargreaves boss bags share bonus worth £800,000
Money Marketing, 22.09.20

Woodford victims braced for another paltry payout after bungling liquidator dumped biotech stocks which later soared 420%
This Is Money, 31.08.20

Mark Dampier to retire from Hargreaves Lansdown within days
Portfolio Adviser, 28.08.20

Neil Woodford investors to receive third payment this week
Interactive Investor, 24.08.20

Will investors get justice for Neil Woodford’s failures? Investigation has been as transparent as Kim Jong Un’s North Korea
This Is Money, 23.08.20

Neil Woodford investors to wait longer for their money
The Times, 21.08.20

Woodford investors to receive £183m next week
FT Adviser, 20.08.20

Former Woodford stock sold by Link reports positive antibody trial
Portfolio Adviser, 20.08.20

Hargreaves Lansdown adds two female non-execs as it continues to beef up governance
Portfolio Adviser, 18.08.20

Hargreaves Lansdown analyst ‘heavily involved’ in Wealth 50 exits
Portfolio Adviser, 13.08.20

Link faces fresh questions over timing of Neil Woodford firing
Portfolio Adviser, 10.08.20

Hargreaves weathers financial impact from Woodford after governance revamp
Portfolio Adviser, 07.08.20

Hargreaves Lansdown founders to share £82m payout
The Telegraph, 07.08.20

Hargreaves shakes up governance following Woodford scandal
Wealth Manager, 07.08.20

Class action over YouTube fundie fallout
Financial Standard, 07.08.20

Neil Woodford investors to receive third payment, but losses unclear
Interactive Investor, 03.08.20

Two scandals and a £2.7m payday: bosses at heart of Woodford affair
The Times, 02.08.20

Woodford investors to get third round of payments in August
Your Money, 29.07.20

Investors in Neil Woodford’s former flagship Equity Income fund will receive their third payout next month
This Is Money, 29.07.20

Woodford Equity Income fund savers due to receive third payment this week
Proactive Investors, 27.07.20

Link defends reported £122m hole in Woodford fund accounts
Portfolio Adviser, 27.07.20

Woodford investors lose over a quarter of savings as losses hit £1 billion
Scottish Financial News, 27.07.20

Investors in Woodford’s collapsed Equity Income fund set to be handed back £200m this week
This Is Money, 25.07.20

Buyer flips Woodford funds at £21m profit
The Times, 25.07.20

Daniel Grote bags hat-trick of awards for Woodford scoops
Investment Trust Insider, 23.07.20

SJP claims Woodford would not have passed new tests
FT Adviser, 21.07.20

More misery for Woodford investors as Synairgen shares – which were sold by fund administrators – rocket 550%
This Is Money, 20.07.20

Neil Woodford on comeback trail as adviser
The Times, 13.07.20

THAT’S RICH! Disgraced fund boss Neil Woodford who left investors £450million out of pocket is back in business
Mail Online, 11.07.20

Hargreaves Lansdown revamps ‘best buys’ after Woodford scandal: can you trust recommended fund lists?
Which?, 10.07.20

“The best funds must also be accountable”
FT Adviser, 08.07.20

Hargreaves’ giant stakes in Wealth Shortlist funds raise eyebrows
Portfolio Adviser, 06.07.20

As Hargreaves Lansdown overhauls its Wealth 50 list, it insists: ‘Woodford would never have made it on to the new shortlist!’
This Is Money, 04.07.20

The 17 underperforming funds on Hargreaves’ best‑buy list
The Times, 04.07.20

Spotlight on charges after Hargreaves U-turn on fund discounts
International Adviser, 03.07.20

Hargreaves says revamped ‘best buy’ list would exclude Woodford fund
Financial Times, 02.07.20

Hargreaves Lansdown shakes up its best buy funds list in wake of the Neil Woodford debacle
This Is Money, 29.06.20

Acacia sells off more UK science stocks from Neil Woodford’s old fund
Portfolio Adviser, 25.06.20

Overseeing stricken Woodford fund was part-time role only
The Times. 22.06.20

Acacia Research shrugs off ‘silly’ criticism after swiftly flipping Woodford assets
Portfolio Adviser, 22.06.20

Scale of the discount offered by Woodford fund revealed after American buyer turns a quick profit
The Telegraph, 18.06.20

Link accused of letting further middleman chip into Woodford investor savings
Portfolio Adviser, 18.06.20

Woodford stakes ‘sold too cheaply’ to Acacia Research
The Times, 18.06.20

SJP director claims new ESG framework would have filtered out Woodford
Portfolio Adviser, 16.06.20

Woodford fund one year on: when will investors get their final payout?
Which?, 09.06.20

Anger over sale from Neil Woodford’s failed investment fund to Acacia Research Corporation
The Times, 06.06.20

Woodford investors take Covid-19 hit as Link agrees £224m sale of healthcare assets
Investment Week, 05.06.20

 Woodford fund sells biotech portfolio for up to £224m
Financial Times, 05.06.20

 Woodford Equity Income fund a step closer to being wound up
Your Money, 05.06.20

 Fresh hope for Woodford investors?
This is Money, 03.06.20

 Stirring up No Deal fears: The election, our exit from the EU and Covid have done little to take the edge off the Brexit divide, says ALEX BRUMMER
This is Money, 03.06.20

 Wounded Woodford investors are STILL in limbo a year after star stock picker’s flagship fund was frozen!
This is Money, 02.06.20

 FCA accused of lacking bite as it fails to hold anyone to account for Woodford scandal
Portfolio Adviser, 02.06.20

 FCA slammed for Woodford complaint handling
FT Adviser, 02.06.20

 Year of agony for Woodford savers
This is Money, 01.06.20

 Vanguard and AJ Bell overtake Hargreaves in platform rankings in light of Woodford scandal
Portfolio Adviser, 01.06.20

 Has the investment industry learnt from the Woodford scandal?
Financial Times, 31.05.20

 Neil Woodford’s investors waiting one year on
The Times, 30.05.20

 A year after Woodford’s spectacular fall, are active fund managers still worth backing?
This is Money, 30.05.20

 Neil Woodford fund: investors still await final payout
Financial Times, 29.05.20

 Neil Woodford one year on: How the star stock picker fell from grace
City A.M., 28.05.20

 Chair of former Woodford trust receives 15% pay rise
Financial Times, 23.05.20

 Link sells remaining stake in former Woodford investment trust
Portfolio Adviser, 23.05.20

 Collapsed Woodford fund sells former Patient Capital
CityWire, 19.05.20

 Woodford investors nurse 74% losses from liquidity trick employed before suspension
Portfolio Adviser, 18.05.20

 Hargreaves rallies despite risks of class action over Woodford cheerleading
Portfolio Adviser, 14.05.20

 Hargreaves Lansdown dodges sympathetic detonation and bounces high
Financial Times, 14.05.20

 Hargreaves Predicts £13M Regulatory Bill Amid Pandemic
Law360, 14.05.20

 Hargreaves Lansdown overhauls Wealth 50 list
Investors Chronicle, 12.05.20

 Another law firm seeks Woodford investor compensation from Hargreaves Lansdown
Portfolio Adviser, 11.05.20

 Woodford Investors Target Hargreaves In Group Action
Law360, 11.05.20

 Legal fight looms over Hargreaves Lansdown’s role in Woodford fund
This is Money, 10.05.20

 ‘The first thing we did was change the name – this trust is no longer run by Neil Woodford’
The Telegraph, 08.05.20

 Hargreaves takes a leap with client communications
FT Adviser, 06.05.20

 Stephen Lansdown frees up £160m from HL stake to tap into virus volatility
Portfolio Adviser, 05.05.20

 Hargreaves Lansdown ditches ‘Wealth 50’ best-buy list after Woodford criticism
The Telegraph, 04.05.20

 Hargreaves Lansdown scraps Wealth 50 in favour of independently governed fund list
Portfolio Adviser, 04.05.20

 Hargreaves bids to shake off the Woodford affair
The Times, 03.05.20

 Hargreaves Lansdown co-founder sells £160m of his shares after virus crisis sparks surge in online trading
This is Money, 30.04.20