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The case identified against Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank centres on the conduct of the Banks in relation to TBLs. We are interested in how information was presented to customers, why this information was presented in the way it was, the basis (if any) for what was contained in the information presented and how the Banks treated customers looking to exit TBLs.

Accordingly, we would be most interested in hearing from, or about, past or present employees of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, valuers, consultants or insolvency practitioners, who may have knowledge of such behaviour and/or patterns of such behaviour.

Please leave us a message about what you know or witnessed in the box below. Please include a reference to the position you held and how you came to know or witness what you describe.

While anonymous accounts may not be of direct assistance in building our case, they are still most welcome as they may provide useful background information.

However, if you are happy for a member of our team to contact you in strict confidence, please also leave your contact details.

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